Monthly Archives: July 2009

its a natural day

ive learned new things here ,growing knowledge,avoiding sadness and conquering lonliness but this just ordinary pattern of life here in riyadh and strugles for daily living …gd bless us all…
today the day end up smoothly we manage to survive again i guess that the only choice we had thank god for this great  life and thank you for the love lord .


the warm living

 i just sleep the whole day today ,
    i just fell like doing this mostly every friday  , its the only time for here in riyadh expat to take this day as god blessing day.
         last night we ende our work at regular days 10pm riyadh time  then after that  were invited to some  birthday occation until early  morning  the went back home 4am this day and rest is resting moment .but as usual i always stay in touch with my heavenly man who always and never forget guiding me always.