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Industrial Photography – A Tribute to Progress

The sceneries of large industrial facilities, construction sites, and images of giant equipments, pipelines, chimneys, tanks, etc. have always inspired artists to create visual works, commonly tagged as “industrial”. Industrial photography is one of the most common forms of such art, where particular manufacturing or production surroundings are at sharp focus. Whether it is a modern, highly technological plant with the definite signs of rapid progress and constant motion apparently expressed by its even smallest detail or, on the contrary, an abandoned quarry, where the time itself seems to be frozen and stiff, – an eye of a skillful photographer can always find the particular angle, where an industrial scene can be turned into an artful panorama with highlighted focus and meaningful details at the sidelines.


Industrial photography is capable of provoking the most vivid emotions, ranging from the pride in human evolution and technological achievements to the shame at the horrible environmental consequences of industrial revolution. Many of the industrial photographs were meant to show people that very long price, which not only present but all the consecutive generations will have to pay for our “experimenting” with nuclear energy, devastating natural resources, and trying to interfere with the natural course of life on planet Earth. Blinded with financial or social revenues of industrial progress, we often miss the real value and price of our progress. Thanks to its ability to “freeze” the moment, photography offers us a chance to reconsider the situation, object, or event, and get to the true quintessence of the scene.


Factory Smoke by Miroslav Petrasko

Slovnaft rafinery smoke

Old Silo by Miroslav Petrasko

Old Silo building

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord by Jörg Dickmann

Duisburg industrial building

Industry Blues by Daniel Cheong

factories next to the sea

Industrial remains by Till Krech

old mine or factory

Pipes by Jörg Dickmann

huge pipes in sewage system

Siemens-Schuckert by Andreas Reinhold

Siemens generator

R e d t o o l b o x by Tommy O’Dell

underground engine room

Corus by vandekaart

thermal powerplant - constant smoke

End of industry 1s by Bob Merco

factory building

Photo by Andreas Reinhold

coal mine

S-P-I-D-E-R by Shantideva


Fish without Sea by Shantideva

factory chamber

Turbine room – Power station by marco_an78

Turbine room - Power station

Pièce de résistance by Stygian Echo

industrial building

@:-| by Alessandro Pozzi

worker with gas mask working in industrial facility

Abandoned Industry (Part I) by Jörg Dickmann

old coal mine

Brewery by Matthias Haker

brewery and the machine

The Evil Twins! by Batram

two workers with bas masks standing in the factory

Kris Kringles Gift Machine! Part 2 by Batram

old grungy factory machine

Rusty Wheels by Jörg Dickmann

huge wheels in the coal mine

Transfo by Shantideva

old generator room

Metal factory in the city… by David Charniaux

iron ore processing plant

The old world will burn in the fires of industry … by Ásmundur Þorkelsson

industrial facility producing large amount of smoke

Duel by Browni63

two large excavators inside industrial area

Xebru by Shantideva


Underground by Batram

old vacant industrial facility

German submarine U-505 by Rafael Ferreira

German submarine in docks being repaired

Le Cuirassé by _MrQ*s_

large tank inside the factory

Murmageddon by Tom Thiel

industrial harbor

Mr. Bigshovel by Browni63

excavator with large shovel

Spaghetti Pipes by Shantideva

pipelines and vents inside industrial facility

Under Pressure! by Batram

pressure tanks

Centrale thermique by Sven Fennema

inside heating plant

Outpost by Philippe Deltgen

industrial hall

Silo by Jesper Larsen

old almost destroyed silo

Euromax by Reografie

Euromax harbor

Industry by bridgepix

old train leaving the mine

FDC – the mothership by Marc Duiker

old grungy generator

A Storm is Brewing Over Battersea Power Station by Fred255 Photography

A Storm is Brewing Over Battersea Power Station

The Bound Giant! by Batram

giant turbines

Aliens playground by Browni63

pipeline system

Growing Aida by Horst Wendling

construction of a large carrier

Bolster Bolts by Shane Gorski

Bolster Bolts

Industrial pipe by Beezqp

gas or oil pipeline

West Pier, Brighton by Jake Spain

old skelet of an industrial building

Good Days Are Over XIV by Andreas Elste

interior of an old industrial building

Indunosaur…no.2 by Pawel Murczak

rotational mine excavator

Dinosaurs I by R-YEN

red excavator and cable

Lonesome excavator by derfabo

excavator put on hold

Industrial beauty by Gundross

concrete industrial building falling apart

Nightmare for Tripods by Michael Baldwin

long pipeline inside factory

The Start of the Pipes by Michael Baldwin

abandoned industrial building

Abandoned VI by Jakub Kubica

dirty and abandoned factory building

Conduits by Jakub Kubica

abandoned industrial area

MIAG IV by Andreas Elste

abandoned factory with old engines

Abandoned V by Jakub Kubica

old dirty factory interior

Weakening by Justin Jew

old deteriorating truck outside of abandoned factory

Machines R Us HDR by Isik Mater

old factory machines at HDR

The Olde Mill No. 1 by TheVenomousSwan

old and primitive mill

Lost world… 4 by Pawel Murczak

mine under snow

Chasis by V4ult

old generator or engine

Time Machine by ellysdoghouse

old machines

Rusty Stairs by Matthias Haker

rusty stairs inside old concrete industrial facility

Morbid Huge Mixer by Doruk Kekevi

huge blue industrial mixer

Rings by kromo

interior cane chains and a hook

Cogs and Sprockets II by Henrik Sundholm

cogs, gears and and sprockets inside an old factory

Industrial Landscape by ArathornPhotography

gravel mine

Pavol Janovicek
Pavol JanovicekWith 30 years of life experience behind my shoulders, today I find myself focused mainly around two core values: my family (I am a happy husband and a proud father) and IT in its broadest meaning, including but not limited to hardware and software techniques and innovations. My special interest and true passion is photography. Here I am ready to put my signature under each word, once said by Dorothea Lange: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” Being a part of Cruzine team, I enjoy instant process of learning as well as sharing my own experience in photography and IT with the readers of this digital magazine.



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