X-Ray Photography – 20 Incredible Images of Our Inner Space

X-Ray Photography – 20 Incredible Images of Our Inner Space

Wed, Oct 20, 2010

Photo Inspiration

X-Ray Photography – 20 Incredible Images of Our Inner Space The first X-ray photo of a human body was taken in 1895, and it didn’t only revolutionize the history of medicine. This is the year when a unique genre of photography art was born – the X-ray Photography. 

Artists like Nick Veasey, Hugh Turvey, Steve Meyers or Albert Koetsier revealed the fantastic details of our inner space to the world, granting access to the a universe that never cease to amaze. While every-day objects and plants are often X-ray photo subjects, the rare human body and animal photos create controversy, but fascinate even more. In his X-ray photography book „See through the world around you”, Nick Veasey says “When we see an x-ray of the human body, we react to that image with medical associations. Animal x-rays however have a brutal beauty.”

The following is a collection of X-ray photos from the mentioned artists and other interesting and funny X-ray photo stuff, like Eizo X-ray Pin-up calendar woman photos.

X-ray bat by Nick Veasey

X-ray leaves by Hugh Turvey

X-ray Mini Cooper by Nick Veasey


X-ray Kiss

X-ray keyboard

X-ray crab by Nick Veasey

X-ray seashells by Bert Myers

X-ray flowers by Hugh Turvey

X-ray shoes box

Eizo X-ray Pin-up Calendar

X-ray dog by Nick Veasey

X-ray teddy bear by Nick Veasey

X-ray rocket by Nick Veasey

X-ray Genus Pyton by LUßO

X-ray sea stars by Albert Koetsier

X-ray leaves by Albert Koetsier

X-ray Flower by Steve Mayers



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