Soul Searching Photography (15 photos)

As an actor and director, Irish-born Hugh O’Conor knows what goes into creating a dramatic mood. He began working as an actor when, at the age of nine, he appeared opposite Liam Neeson in the film ‘Lamb’. Since then, he’s acted in many films including ‘My Left Foot’ and ‘Chocolat.’ In 2008, he directed short films which eventually won him numerous awards at film festivals.

As a natural extension, O’Conor has the ability to bring out the same type of soul-searching feelings in his photography. ” I work as a director, and some great directors told me to really understand directing, learn still photography, and shoot on film,” he tells us. “So that’s what I’m trying to do.”

His storytelling photos are filled with mystery, making you wonder what kind of personal turmoil his characters are experiencing – a heavy burden, a broken heart, an unimaginable sadness that even the passage of time cannot erase.

“I have become more serious about photography even if it hasn’t become any more serious about me.” O’Conor humbly says.

Hugh O’Conor



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