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Daily Inspiration #1774 – This post is p

Daily Inspiration #1774 – This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo’s writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, You can submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via and don’t forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to AoiroStudio designyoutrust Fabio Fabiano …


Macro Photography: Choosing Your Subject

Macro Photography: Choosing Your Subject – So you’ve just bought (or dug out) your macro lens, and are full of inspiration from those macro photos you’ve been browsing through recently. You’ve got the gear, the ambition, and the time – now all you need the right subject. One of the most difficult aspects of photography is deciding what you’re going to […] The post Macro Photography: Choosing Your Subject appeared first on The Photo Argus.

Food Typography by Marmalade Bleue – Mar

Food Typography by Marmalade Bleue – Marmalade Bleue aka Danielle Evans is a designer, letterer and of course a food typographer based in Columbus, Ohio in USA. Through sketching, brush pen, paper cutting and dimensional type, Danielle is taking us on a journey mixing food with typography. In results of creating evocative and yet beautifully executed work for editorials and advertising. All Rights to Marmalade Bleue All Rights to Marmalade Bleue All Rights to Marmala…

30 Awesome Examples of Summertime Photog

30 Awesome Examples of Summertime Photography – Summer is almost here and with it brings incredible photographic opportunities. Beautiful sunny days on the beach, kids playing in the pool, amazing thunder storms and chasing fireflies on long summer nights—all amazing times to create beautiful images and capture the spirit of summer. Here we have put together 30 incredibly awesome examples of summertime […] The post 30 Awesome Examples of Summertime Photography a…

Web Design: Sites Using Parallax – It’s

Web Design: Sites Using Parallax – It’s been a really long time since the last time I published a web design post, but recently I’ve been crazy about sites using parallax. It’s elegant and super dynamic, giving users a new kind of experience, different of that same old, same old way of viewing websites. So I’ve listed some notable usage of parallax. Of course that these are only a tiny selection and there’s plenty more out there in the wild. I’d love to get to know mor…

Thank You Massimo – The Legend Massimo V

Thank You Massimo – The Legend Massimo Vignelli was best known for being the “Grandfather of Graphic Design” for redesigning the iconic New York City subway map back in the 1970s, responsible for designing brands like American Airlines, IBM, Bloomingdales’s and more. Being the most influential designer of our past century, his legacy will live on. Thank you Massimo for inspiring us. The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. Just like a doct…

The Perfect Office – iStick, Lumio Book

The Perfect Office – iStick, Lumio Book Lamp, HP 7 Plus and Office Ideas

Wallpaper of the Week by Rafael Vallaper

Wallpaper of the Week by Rafael Vallaperde – The wallpaper of this week is an amazing 3D image created by our Rafael Vallaperde. Rafael is a CGI and digital artist from Brazil. He has a beautiful portfolio of 3D works like this one we feature as Wallpaper of the Week. For more information visit iPad Version

Best of the Week: Tech News, Web Design,

Best of the Week: Tech News, Web Design, Illustrations and more

Splendid Illustrated Movie Posters by Ju

Splendid Illustrated Movie Posters by Justin Van Genderen – Back in 2010 we featured some of his amazing Star Wars posters. He kept doing amazing art, illustrated movie posters that anyone would love to hang on their wall. I’m talking about Justin Van Genderen. Justin is an American artist with an amazing good taste for illustration and movies. His style is super great and I’m thrilled to show you more of his art. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Flickr. H…