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Surreal Photography by Oleg Oprisco – Yo

Surreal Photography by Oleg Oprisco – You would expect for any surreal photographer to step out of the box, clearly. But I think that there are few of them out there that have a sense of delicacy in their work. Ukrainian photographer has an excellent eye for tasteful, delicate pieces as you can se here. There are only a selection of his works… you may find much more of these at his portfolio at DeviantART, so please don’t forget to visit it. Also, tell us which of hi…


Splendid 3D Architecture by Stuart Lynch

Splendid 3D Architecture by Stuart Lynch – Everyone loves to see images of beautiful rooms and houses… but a step forward is to actually come up with your own designs, like American designer Stuart Lynch does. He comes up with some splendid pieces of 3D architecture. Here you can see some super cozy rooms that anyone would love to have in their houses. These are only a handful of Stuart’s work. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at DeviantART. I hope you enjo…

Photographer / Photographs – “Clas

Photographer / Photographs – “Class I” Image: The only thing wrong with it, is that I didn’t do it. When encountering a Class I image, my usual initial response is wondering how this came to be. Besides the... The post Photographer / Photographs appeared first on The Photo Argus.

The Perfect Office – Powercube, Quirky U

The Perfect Office – Powercube, Quirky Universal Docking Station and Office Ideas

Wallpaper of the Week – ABDZ Triangles –

Wallpaper of the Week – ABDZ Triangles – The wallpaper of this week is an image created for our previous tutorial titled Playing with Triangles in Photoshop. The concept behind this illustration was to create an abstract artwork inspired by the game Monument Valley and using just basic forms, in this case triangles.. For more information visit iPad Version

Best of the Week: Apollo 11, Productivit

Best of the Week: Apollo 11, Productivity, Photography and more

Topnotch Futuristic Cities Illustrations

Topnotch Futuristic Cities Illustrations – We’ve seen a lot of medieval fantasy illustrations here at Abduzeedo, but one other kind of awesome fantasy illustration I like is futuristic! It’s awesome to see the many ideas of future that artists come up with… huge technological cities, filled with ultra-high buildings and flying cars, some looking very friendly, others looking oppressive. Here you can see pieces by many great artists. Their visions are simply amazing a…

Logo Design: The Work of Logomachine – W

Logo Design: The Work of Logomachine – We keep going through our weekly journey checking out great logos! We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new topics, good ones, to share with you guys. Last week we featured the work of Alexandre Napoli, and today we’re featuring the work of the Russian design studio called Logomachine! This is only a brief selection of the work done at Logomachine. For more of it, please visit their portfolio. Every week we search through our …

Daily Inspiration #1820 – This post is p

Daily Inspiration #1820 – This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo’s writers and users. If you want to participate and share your graphic design inspiration, You can submit your images and inspiration to RAWZ via and don’t forget to send your Abduzeedo username; or via Twitter sending to AoiroStudio DesignYouTrust Fabio Fabiano …

Unbelievable Paper Sculpture Birds by Di

Unbelievable Paper Sculpture Birds by Diana Herrera – Most definitely paper has got to be one of the trickiest materials to work with, even more when you’re going full sculptor and you start coming up with some mind-blowing bird sculptures, like Colombian artist Diana Herrera. She sure is crazy talented! You can tell that simply by taking a nice look on these unbelievable paper sculptures. The details on these are fantastic and she definitely has mastered her art. For …